The K4K2 Youth Conference

We have offered K4K2 (“Kingdom Is for Kids Too!”) as well as C.O.O.L. (“Chosen Of Our Lord” – for teens) concurrently with the day sessions of the CCFM Conference, officially since 2007, in which we have featured NBA player Raymond Felton, other motivational speakers, inspirational speakers, music concerts, sports events, roller skating events, arts and crafts, anti-gang presentations, anti-drug presentations, puppet presentations, youth band, choir, step, drama / mime, dance, college preparatory seminars. Of course, we feed them! We have picked up (and taken back) children / youth from daycare centers, various neighborhoods, and youth centers, transporting them on our buses and those of other churches. We see hundreds of children, many of whom otherwise have nothing to do in the SC summer – they are engaged positively for this period of time, and the effect can last a lifetime.