Fellowship of

Kingdom Professionals

Everyone who works is potentially a Kingdom Professional, but not everyone knows it!

FKP: The Fellowship of Kingdom Professionals

Kingdom Professionals are committed to the values of…

PERSPECTIVE: All work is the work of God: He is the Original Worker! Thus, all vocations and careers are sacred.

PRINCIPLES: High personal and business ethics are non-negotiable.

PRACTICES: Proven and innovative techniques are imparted via seminars, mentors, and guilds.

PARTNERSHIP: The fellowship fosters rapport and camaraderie: life-giving relationships among professionals.

POSTERITY: Generation NEXT”, the young, are to be equipped to manifest the Kingdom in the culture.

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Monday Morning Live with Bishop Blue
7:15 AM (Conference Call Only) 775-799-9114
11:30 AM (Facebook Live / Youtube as well as Conference Call) – Facebook |  YouTube | Conference Call – 775-799-9114


Quarterly Meetings (presently virtual) – www.facebook.com/bishopmablue


Thursday of the CCFM Conference “The King’s Summit”.


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To bring FKP to your locale, ministry, school, business, etc., or to learn more, contact us by email,  FKProfessionals@aol.com.